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Innovations in the textile and fashion industry

    As Climate Change continues to be seen as the most pressing challenge in recent times, consumers are now rewarding businesses and sectors that place sustainability at the top of their agenda.  The Fashion industry is estimated to emit 1.2 billion Read the rest

    Sustainable Fashion- What does it mean

      In 2019, nearly 20 of India’s biggest retailers have pledged to move towards Sustainable Fashion and have taken a pledge to use both sustainable materials and processes by 2025. Amongst the big retailers Raymonds, Arvind, and Future Group are included … Read the rest

      Status of ZLD in India

        Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is the first legislation that brought focus on a resource that is both precious and scarce “Water”.

        ZLD has been around in the west for many decades however in each country the understanding is different. In … Read the rest