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Staying curious helps in handling disruptions

    A lot of intense activities are happening underneath – be it deep under the ground or underneath the ocean. The tectonic plates in the earth’s crust move and collide with each other and result in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – … Read the rest

    A Smart Idea can become an Innovation

      Every industry would have a ‘Smart’ category of people who have ideas, knowledge, and skills that give them an edge over the others. Identifying such talent and investing on them would generate a business value that is out of Read the rest

      Facing the unknown

        Facing the ‘Unknown’ is not new to any of us on this earth.

        In the erstwhile days, when people travelled across oceans on the lookout for unexplored continents, tools such as Compass helped them find direction across the … Read the rest

        Why need Business Intelligence Systems?

          As the traveller walks his path, when there is enough light to show the way where it is heading towards, the obstacles, the bumps and pits , he proceeds comfortably without any collisions and falls.

          When an organisation tries to … Read the rest