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A digital strategy for the organisations to be more alive

Activity is symbolic of life and dynamism. Even the tree branches that sway to a gentle breeze, water that gushes through canals, the high tide of sea waves are all active as well.

Activity generates energy too. The falling waters in a water fall generate hydropower, fusion of hydrogen atoms inside the sun creates solar energy and the powerful currents of air in the atmosphere create wind energy. Thinking vice versa, to be considered alive, one needs to be active; and generating energy is a by-product of staying active!

This applies to organisations too. The organisation needs to appear active to all its stakeholders in order to be considered alive and kicking! Having an active social media presence, a dynamic website and internal engagement groups for employees might do the needful.

A by-product of being active this way is that, it could serve as a strategic effort to connect with people around the globe which might help to promote the company’s products and open new avenues of supply chain partnerships. Above all this would improve the brand image of the organisation amongst the employees; make them feel proud about their association with the company, and stay more engaged and motivated!

by Dr. Deepika Prabhu, ITF