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Building trust will build businesses and brands

    An ecosystem that functions on a trust based model is often very productive and sustainable. Nature is one such ecosystem that inspires trust. All the members of this ecosystem, be it plants and animals, or us, we trust nature for our life support and it is this unrelenting trust that keeps us moving ahead without any apprehensions or doubts.

    The element of trust can help businesses to thrive as well! For instance, a research on Influencer marketing tells that nearly 35% of the younger population who are active in social media, purchase a product based on their trust on influencers in platforms such as You Tube and Instagram.

    Brands are able to familiarise their products well by engaging native influencers of different social platforms. Popular You Tubers like Logan Paul, Mr. Beast are now more of influencers who are considered ’authentic’ by their followers whose numbers run into millions. Logan Paul could be making $20 million every year, his leverage being his dedicated audience.

    Native influencers with established reputation; who could also engage well with their audience, can change buying decisions – and this trust between the influencers and their audience can be used as a great marketing strategy!

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