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Facing the unknown

    Facing the ‘Unknown’ is not new to any of us on this earth.

    In the erstwhile days, when people travelled across oceans on the lookout for unexplored continents, tools such as Compass helped them find direction across the unknown waters.

    Today, in all the flights and jets that ply the skies, sophisticated technology such as navigation systems guide the pilots as they steer into the infinite unknown space.

    Not just the ships and airplanes, even night birds use strategies such as using reflected sound waves (echo) to stalk their prey when its pitch dark.

    When an individual or the Management of an organisation venture into making futuristic investments, it does make sense to use a practical tool such as risk assessment advice, or sophisticated technological means such as predictive analytics or atleast a clever strategy such as gathering customer feedback and acting on it, to get the right directions.

    These directions might prove to be very crucial in identifying a safe path into the unknown (future).

    by Dr. Deepika Prabhu, ITF