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To stay ahead in the game, evolve and reinvent is the Mantra

    Flexible electronic circuits are built on flexible substrates, making them bendable, stretchable and fit into any product. They enable new product paradigms such as wearables that are not possible with conventional Printed Circuit Boards. The widespread applications of Flexible / Stretchable electronics have solved several challenges and brought in a revolution in our lifestyles.
    Similarly strategies such as product flexibility, flexible resource reallocation, or even flexible employment contracts, will help to respond faster to evolving situations.
    During the Corona Pandemic, businesses that were willing to be flexible in their way of operations have sustained. While conventional business models were B2B and B2C, several companies in India, particularly start-ups turned to D2C (Direct to Consumer), as they started selling products directly to customers through digital platforms. Since D2C brands have direct communication with end consumer, they can be more quick and flexible in adapting their products according to customer feedback and market trends.
    Since people stayed indoors most of the time and spent longer hours online, businesses from groceries, gadgets, garments and other goods – to – education, concerts and yoga sessions, those that were able to adopt technology and digitise their business model, were able to see a silver lining amidst the dark pandemic clouds.
    Be it technology or business, those who are willing to evolve and reinvent themselves according to changing needs, stay in the game!

    by Dr. Deepika Prabhu, ITF