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Unbox series

ITF UNBOX Series – Post11

    For quite some time, Radio was a platform adored by millions, with a significant role in broadcasting and also used widely for marketing products and services.
    Over the past few years, Bluetooth speakers are being taken over by Smart SpeakersRead the rest

    ITF UNBOX Series – Post10

      Timely feedback helps people to know how well they are performing in their roles and how much they were able to align themselves to the goals and purpose of the organisation. An open and honest feedback culture will help in Read the rest

      ITF UNBOX Series – Post9

        When an entity has perception of a boundary, we call it finite and otherwise, we tell it is infinite. However, with advancements in science and technology, the difference between the finite and infinite can only be how you perceive; … Read the rest

        ITF UNBOX Series – Post8

          Leaders needs to be mindful and prepared for unexpected challenges or changes. Such leaders will inspire trust. This suits countries too – India for instance!

          The prompt response of the frontline medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies, the Indian … Read the rest

          ITF UNBOX Series – Post7

            When a business scales up, even if the goals remain the same, the strategy to approach the challenges need to be changed suitably. When business leaders continue to focus on day to day affairs and solve all the … Read the rest

            ITF UNBOX Series – Post6

              The ambiguity surrounding who is responsible for making a decision (or decisions) is a primary cause of delay in the decision-making process. 

              Delegating the decision making process will create agility in the organisation.

              A decision architecture where who will make Read the rest

              ITF UNBOX Series – Post5

                To form a high performance team, getting the right mix of team members is important. This requires a clear understanding of each employee’s capabilities in the organisation – their attitude, core competencies and other relevant skills.
                When Organizations have a … Read the rest

                ITF UNBOX Series – Post4

                  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) express the Organization’s vision and strategy in terms of metrics.

                  Dean Spitzer, author of ‘Transforming Performance Measurement’, said “In a high-performing organisation, measurement is everybody’s job”. Hence it is needed to choose KPIs … Read the rest

                  ITF UNBOX Series – Post3

                    Agile organisations are shifting from hierarchical organizational structures toward models where tasks are accomplished in teams with flat structures.

                    Instead of the vertical layers of management that exists in hierarchical structure, flat structure enables a seamless lateral integration among Read the rest

                    ITF UNBOX Series – Post2

                      Those among us who are familiar with using gadgets and equipment both at home and office, would also be familiar with the Data Sheet that accompanies these devices. The data sheet mentions under what environmental or operating conditions, the device’s Read the rest